Sea Kayaking Adventures

Sea Kayaking Adventures

Trips last from 8-11 days. This includes traveling in and out of the country and for the adventure travel sea kayaking or hiking sections. Sea kayak trips are self supported, land supported by vehicle or mothership supported in which meals are eaten aboard the ship, and others are supported by a skiff with driver to carry gear and food.

Price per person for each trip ranges from $1500-3500 depending on which one and how many people are in your group. International airfare is not included in this price. Travel insurance is also not included in this price. There is no insurance provided by OYV Kayak and Adventure. For this reason we require that all participants purchase their own travel insurance for coverage during their trip.

All trips cover transfers upon arrival with a bilingual OYV Kayak and Adventure representative and hotel accommodations in the country.
We have two different travel seasons July-August and December-January.

July- August


Sea Kayaking the Green Coast, Rio de Janeiro State
9 days

Paddle a sea kayak in the shadow of rainforest covered mountains that meet the sea. Calm warm water sea kayaking among tropical inlets and isles. Kayak along the shores of Saco de Mamangua with its granite rainforest covered mountains as they cascade into turquoise waters.  Relax with fully supported sea kayaking by open caiçara style wooden motor boat. Optional jungle hikes through coastal mountains with rewarding coastal views.  Enjoy two nights hotel in Copacabana or Ipanema beach areas of world class Rio de Janeiro, two nights in a locally run Pousada guest house in Paraty, and four nights in rainforest cabins and lodges along the Green Coast of Rio de Janiero State.   

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Peninsula Valdes Sea Kayaking and 
Whale Watching
8 days

Sea Kayaking, hiking, and Wildlife Viewing in the Peninsula Valdes UNESCO World Heritage Site. Protruding more than 60 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean, the Peninsula Valdes Provincial Protected Area is a rugged chunk of Patagonian Desert Steppe along the Argentine Coast. Home to as much as 181 bird species and an important breeding ground for the endangered Southern Right Whale. Before and after our trip take in the sights and sounds of the cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires. Come live this unique experience! 1 Night Hotel in Buenos Aires, 1 Night Hotel in Puerto Madryn, 4 Nights Camping, 1 Night Estancia Rincon Chico Lodge

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December- February


Kayaking in the Caribbean Isles of 
San Blas, Panama
8 days

The Kuna people have kept their beautiful islands undisturbed by tourism development and have kept their way of life thriving. We have special permission from the Kuna chiefs to paddle this protected island chain. Come paddle along the white sand beaches of these tropical isles and learn about this unique indigenous culture with the backdrop of rain forest covered mountains on the mainland. Light to medium warm weather sea kayaking, rain forest walks 2 nights hotels, 1 night in indigenous lodge, 5 nights camping


Patagonian Fjords Mothership Sea Kayaking
9 days

Sea Kayaking Trip in the Fjords of this unique protected area of Pumalin Park North, Chile. Chilean Patagonia is an area of striking volcanic mountains plunging abruptly into deep glacier carved fjords surrounded by lush Valdivian Coastal Temperate Rain Forest. The ecosystems and rugged terrain of this remote area have remained relatively untouched by civilization. Our 6 day kayaking journey begins at the fishing outpost of Hornopirén at the northern entrance to Pumalin Park, leading us along the Comau Fjord to Porcelana Hot Springs. We will ride the tidal flow 50-70 miles through the glacier fed waterways bordering the shores of uninhabited forested islands. Experience this phenomenal Sea Kayaking Trip Supported by Traditional Mother Ship, with rustic and natural hot Springs, and wetland Estuary Hikes. 1 night hotel in Santiago, 2 nights Bed and Breakfast in Puerto Varas, 5 Nights Camping

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Sea Kayaking and Culture in 
the Chiloe Islands
7 days

Immerse yourself in the fascinating, cultural experience of Chiloe Island as we glide silently through the mysterious byways of this archipelago, where Spain once maintained its last stronghold of colonial power in South America. Our sturdy kayaks emulate the spirit of the fragile dalcas; in which the natives traveled many centuries ago. Today there still vestiges of this original Araucanian way of life, in harmonious combination with the influences of German immigrants in the late 1800s and of modern-day Chile.  On every lovely island we visit, you'll see moss-covered old wooden churches gracing the seaside, as well as palafitos (stilt houses) that are 20 feet and more in the air when the tide is out, but nearly awash when it's in. Wander through the local market of Castro. Enjoy this opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy a fantastic adventure at the other end of the Earth.  1 night in four star hotel in Santiago, 2 nights traditional stilt style hostel, 2 nights family home

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